As the leaves start to turn different colors, as the wind starts to have a little crispness to it (at least in the mornings before the winter air warms back up to the 60s),  we start to fill the shop with new projects, bits and pieces of new kits that you’ll soon start to see and for that reason space is at a premium and some of our stuff has to go to make space.

Because of that the first thing to be offered up is Aaron’s ’04 F150, affectionately known as Snow Slayer. Once Aaron’s daily driver it has now become his fun truck, only getting used a few weekends out of the year when we can find the time to hit the trails or go visit our friends down at Rally Ready (in fact it has a Rally Ready wrap on it now, see the final few pics in the gallery posted below.)

Here’s the stuff that you really came here looking for! Read up on the specs and if you have any questions email me at [email protected] and I’ll pester Aaron until I get an answer from him.

2004 f150

MMR 5.4 3v 11:1 comp forged internals

American Racing full length SS headers with cats 2into 1 Magnaflow exhaust

Monster 4r75 2200stall

Stock transfer case

Rear diff Currie 9″ ARB 4.88 4″ tube full float w/ Raptor brakes.

Front diff open 4.86 930cv at diff 300m shafts.

*Front suspension Brenthal race kit.

King c/o 2.0 king 2.5 bypass 2.5 bumps

*Rear Deaver leaves king 3.0 bypass 2.5 bump

*KMC bead locks gold x5

*37″ Nitto x5

Tucked tube bumpers

Ron Davis radiator and fan shroud /spal fans

Pro seats not installed. 

Rigid lights on roof and grille.

Clean solid interior with console shift.

Advanced fiberglass front and rear no paint.



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