About Aaron Kaufman

Aaron Kaufman (@thearclight)


Born: January 26, 1982

Lifelong Texan Starting from an early age I was always fascinated with machines. Dump trucks, bulldozers, tractors you name it, if it made noise and did work I was curious about it. My grandfather ran a mill in Grand Prairie, Texas for LTV working on parts for aircrafts. My father was a maintenance man who taught himself automation. Between the practical engineering and computers, my pops always had a passion for cars. Being a hot rodder and drag racer himself; it came as no surprise that it was in my blood. Not having much money we didn’t have racecars, toy cars or motorcycles around when I was growing up. However, car maintenance was never far away and my father was never too far from a project that required all the tools in our little shop.   As I learned to drive I began to realize my passion for the automobile, a machine of freedom and expression. At this point tools were not a means to an end, they were the keys to life. While this may sound wild or dramatic, very early on in my career as an auto customizer I made a decision that this wasn’t a job this was my craft – a way of life. From that day on, I strived to be better every day learn something new that increased my ability to build cars. From working in smaller shops to building cars for friends in the driveway; I was on a mission to learn as much as possible to expose myself to as many situations as I could in a bit of trial by fire sort of education. Much of the road to here has not been exciting or glamorous …. However there have been some bright spots while at Gas Monkey Garage, a Dallas based hotrod shop. Possibly the brightest spot, having been the tenure on the television show “Fast n’ Loud,” where under extreme deadlines my crew and I built ever increasingly complicated hotrods, racecars and show cars. This gave me an opportunity to explore building styles and techniques that would have taken decades to amass otherwise. Like things tend to do, they change and not all change is for the best, at least not for me. With the obvious fork in the road I had to ask myself what makes you happy and how do we pay the bills doing it. Well, being a truck sorta fellow and a blue blood at that (FORD). I decided to see if I could start to patch the hole in the aftermarket for Ford’s F-100 line of trucks. Once again my team and I will take on challenge of a different sort. The rest of this bio starts now…