About Arclight Fabrication

Arclight Fabrication Co. was founded with the goal of producing high-quality, easily install-able aftermarket performance parts for 1957-1979 Ford F-100 pickup trucks. Started by Aaron Kaufman, a longtime Ford fan, who gained recognition in the Dallas area for his work at various shops in the area, and for his stint on Fast N’ Loud and Shifting Gears on the Discovery Channel.

Shortly after the shop opened its doors, TV came a knocking and filmed two seasons of Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman at the shop, following the shop’s efforts building and racing a variety of different vehicles in various race series around the United States. The television production schedule, as well as driver training for Aaron, and travel time delayed the parts production ramp up considerably with the majority of the prototyping and testing occurring during holidays and weekends but the work pressed on.

With season 2 of Shifting Gears in the books the parts were once again placed on the front burner and production was ramped up. In February of 2019 the first parts were launched for the ’61-’63 Unibody line of trucks, or Slicks as they’re also known. Work continues in developing parts for the other generations of trucks: the ’57 to ’60 Fridges, ’67 to ’72 Bumpsides, and ’73 to ’79 Dentsides. In addition to the Stage 1 kits offered currently the shop will also offer Stage 2 kits with more track oriented parts, and eventually offer a Stage 3 kit featuring a full replacement chassis for the trucks.