A severely [redacted] retelling of our KOH experience

We can’t completely show our hand when it comes to our first King of the Hammers experience, you’ll get to see and hear the ins and outs of everything that happened out there on the March 19th episode of Shifting Gears but I wrote up my personal experience out in the desert. Just one catch with it, I had to severely redact it so it doesn’t spoil any of the upcoming show. Try your best to enjoy this fragmented, disjointed write-up and come back after the episode airs for the full declassified version of this story.
In the meantime, click around and read the unobscured words and fill in the blanks with your imagination! (Names and faces have been obscured to protect the participants anonymity.)

(For some less obscured coverage from KOH here’s Webster’s 3-In-3)

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