Aaron at Bonneville Speed Week

When you are offered an opportunity to head to the Bonneville Salt Flats for Speed Week there is really only one answer you can give. Even though we had been traveling pretty extensively, we were road weary, tired, and had about a thousand other things that needed doing here at the shop Aaron couldn’t pass up the opportunity to head to Utah to see the Mecca of Speed Freaks the whole world ’round, the Salt Flats.
His plan was to pit and help support Bob Ball and the Semi truck that he was out there with to break a world record but is so often the case with the salt the week was cut short; ending almost before it even began. Aaron had just arrived after a red eye flight and a long rental car ride out to the dried up lakebed and just as he arrived the truck suffered a catastrophic failure that left it needing more parts than the team had out on the Salt and forcing them to call their week.
But always the one to make the best of a bad situation and it being a lifelong dream of his to be at Bonneville for Speed Week (and maybe even go back in the future with his eye on a record or two to bring home) Aaron found a team who was willing to let him help them with their car for the week and in exchange they let him get some seat time in their 1969 Camaro so he could complete a few of his rookie license tests.
The first test was very straight forward. Drive straight, turn off the course, kill the engine. Don’t die. All fairly straight forward. That’s the rookie test down. Now for the more serious tests. The D license test would add the average speed component to the whole affair. Aaron was given explicit instructions to not let his average speed drift up over 150. He donned his helmet and set off down the course. The miles flew by with minimal drama, a little bit of tire spin off the line and just general lightness in the steering until the end, something that anyone who has driven at high speed on snow is familiar with. He reached the end of the run and looked down at the speedo and noticed the needle sweeping back downward past 150! He had gone faster than the 150 mph limit! He thought his day was over, that they would black flag him and send him home. Fortunately for him his average speed didn’t exceed 150 mph so he was allowed to continue.
The final license test he would do was for his C License. The limit on this run was 175 and he stayed well within the limits for this test. The final test was done and dusted without incident and as he pulled off the course for the last time he was given his timing sheet with “Perfect” written across the top of it.
Safe to say that Aaron is Hooked and I wouldn’t be surprised to see another post from us next year with us out on the salt. Maybe even with a car or truck of our own!

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