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D Magazine Article Here! If you don’t want to read about my own experience of reading the article to AK and his reaction to it you can stop here, otherwise keep reading and I hope you enjoy it!
“The D Magazine article is out. Wanna hear it?” I asked from the back seat of Aaron’s Super Duty as we tore down the highway on our way back to Dallas from a week of racing up in Colorado Springs’ Pikes Peak International Raceway.
“Sure.” Aaron replied, seeming to only half understand what I was talking about.
“Oh! The one with the guy who came out to the shop?!” He interjected before I could start reading the article to him.
“Yeah, I think so? I haven’t read it but I’d imagine that’s what it is.” I responded.
I read the first paragraph to him and after I finished the last sentence he threw his head back and laughed. “I had never thought of myself that way but it’s not inaccurate.” So, Tim Rogers, if you’re reading this you’ve been vindicated. He didn’t hate your description like you posited he might.
As I continued to read he nodded along with the rhythm of the words as I read them aloud, periodically interrupting my cadence to inject little asides, tangential facts, and elaborate on things that just didn’t make it into the article. It was like watching a VH1 Pop-Up video but for an article in a magazine. He stopped me and had me repeat the sentence that included the words, “complicated jeans” and laughed. “I like that.” he concluded.
I finished the article as we stopped in Clayton, New Mexico to refuel and grab some coffee to help keep our eyes open on the long drive that still lay ahead.
“Well, there you go.” I said after I read the concluding sentence.
“Yup. He captured me pretty well.” Which coming from AK is high praise.

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  • Odea
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    AK is a class act!! Very humble. I’d love to know the thoughts that go on in his head….I have no doubt I would be overwhelmed in mere seconds!! Keep up the good work Aaron and I can’t wait to see what all Arclightfab produces!! #muchlovefromoklahoma

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