Behind the Scenes of the Olympus Rally

I usually write a long story about the time that we had out at the rally but for this week’s episode I’ll just let the pictures and their captions speak for me. I hope you enjoyed the conclusion of the rally car build and getting to see Aaron compete at the Olympus Rally. Now enjoy these pictures, won’t you?

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  • AJ
    Posted 1Likes

    Proud to see someone with Aaron’s demeanor and talent chose a different “scene”!

  • AJ
    Posted 0Likes

    Wish I could talk him into building me a “Knuck”!

  • CJL
    Posted 0Likes

    Glad to see you doing something you really are passionate about. You look genuinely happy! Love your show!

  • wietze
    Posted 0Likes

    we make your subaru car up gran turismo sport grtz wietze from Adinkerke , belguim

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