Behind-the-Scenes Rally Ready shakedown

If you watched the episode last night you know that the guys hit a stumbling block with the cage but as is always the case we weren’t going to let something like that sideline us and keep us from making the race, we adapt, we overcome and we do what it takes to get the job done. It took some slicing and dicing on the freshly painted car and it came at the expense of some testing and tuning on the finished car but we did manage to get back down to Rally Ready in the 11th hour and get some laps under our belt with Krista in the car so when we hit the trails in Washington we’d know a little of what to expect. Not at all ideal but much better than what could have potentially happened if the guys hadn’t knocked out the fix to the roll cage so quickly.
Here’s a little sampling of our last day in Texas before we hit the road to Olympus to get at least some miles on the car, break everything in, get the driver/ co-driver chemistry where it needed to be before the 200-plus mile race through the forests of the Pacific Northwest.
Don’t forget to watch next week for what I think will be the best episode to date! And stay tuned to this space for an exciting announcement of how you might be able to watch the conclusion of our rally adventure!

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