Our big ol' heavy race car

If you’ve watched the last couple of episodes you’ll have seen us taking an over the road truck with a million miles on it and do our damnedest to turn it into a race car. You’ll see how successful we were doing that next week but in the meantime enjoy these pics of us all nearly killing ourselves to get our truck done in between the time we got back from Hammers and the time the Bandit series had their shakedown runs before the season started in March.

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    Posted April 10, 2018 2:47 am 1Likes

    Nice Aaron…That ole Detroit sounds SWEEET and You drive the HELL OUT OF IT…Tho with 34 years owning/driving dump trucks, dump trailers, heavy equipment, OTR trucking, etc., ya need to let me get behind that ole Detroit Series 60 and bus sum gears!! Put it in da big hole and let it roll some coal…TinFo!…LOL. I notice everyone is running a 10spd, what about a 9spd instead? Would that not work better-pros or cons?

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