Roush’s Legend of the Nitemare

When Jack Roush, Jr., Aaron Kaufman and Tyler Wolff (of Nashville’s Wolffhaus) get together some hair-brained ideas come to life.  Visually stunning hair-brained ideas, but hair-brained ideas nonetheless.

Wolff and Arclight originally joined forces to produce Tick Tock, a short video produced mainly as an excuse to show what Aaron’s 1963 Falcon could do when it wasn’t racing up Pikes Peak. This year sees that duo reunite, this time with Jack Roush, Jr. putting Aaron behind the wheel of the world’s quickest production pickup truck, the Roush Nitemare!

Shot over the span of two nights in Hamilton, Ohio the crew set out to tell the “Legend of the Nitemare”, a tale of a pickup that haunts the streets by night, propelled by 650 of the angriest horses you’d ever want to cross, and a healthy dose of madness. (And Aaron in the driver’s seat.)

Enjoy the grizzled story telling, the smoky urban visuals, the tire smoke, and bridge donuts and then take a look at some behind the scenes photos from the shoot below.

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