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Ford F100 Wheels and Tires

At Arclight Fab, we have a variety of Ford F100 wheels and tires to upgrade the overall look of your truck, whether you are looking for factory replacement F100 wheels or fully custom wheels and tires, we have everything you need to fully swap out your old or damaged rims and tires. We have specifically designed all our F100 wheels to mimic a factory F100 hubcap that would have originally come on the truck and have repurposed the size and design to be a larger wheel. With different sizing to choose from, you upgrade the look of the original small center cap, and purchase Arclight Fab custom wheels in 18, 19 or 20 inch in wheel size. Essentially Arclight Fab’s F100 wheels are a copycat look on the original factory hubcaps made into a bigger, more aesthetic looking wheel.